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TYR Fitness and Nutrition Limited

We aim to bring you the best information and service on the web.

Training with us is all about support and knowledge. Supporting you to success is our aim but teaching you everything we know is our absolute goal

Here at TYR Fitness we value each and every member as family. Our network of trainers, ambassadors, athletes, coaches, massage therapists, bloggers and Physiotherapists are all here to help and not only that we want to help. You boys an girls are all starting from a stand point and giving you a community to help you achieve your goals is vitally important to us.

We absolutely want nothing more than to see you succeed and here you can feel comfortable to ask any questions. Nobody can judge you here because we all understand that everybody starts somewhere so no matter what we applaud you for being here and starting a fitness and health journey to a new and better you!

Join our team today and become a member of our little family and we will work together to make you become the best version of you.

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I've been with TYR a few weeks now and I'm already seeing a massive improvement. It's helped so much with my diet, and advice on how best to improve my body. 5 stars don't do this justice!

Joe Taylor

What are the perks of being a member?

The best sourced and trusted information regarding nutrition and training
Everything you should need to succeed in one place!
No Fads and no lies. Just the honest truth about all things fitness, health and nutrition

Our pricing is simple.

Our Pricing is straight forward and no hidden costs!

Here at TYR Fitness we don’t like unknown fee’s so you can be certain that the prices you see are the prices you pay. No messing about and no fuss!


Just £5 a month!,,

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  • Full Training & Nutrition Database
  • Talk to our team of professional athletes & Personal Trainers
  • Keep up to date with blogs from all the team including professional athletes, ambassadors etc
  • Meal plans and session plans at your finger tips