Gym Expansion Update.

Posted by Adam Stevens

We are one step closer to the expansion of our Gym facility.


Tyr gyms will hopefully be moving to a new larger and improved facility in Swinton Manchester.The gym will be situated 5 minutes away from the current location but will offer so much more.


The new 3,500 sqft facility will be improved with new cardiovascular machines, such as a Jacobs Ladder, Stair Master, Assault bike, Ski Erg & so much more. The gym will also facilitate classes and offer the best range of equipment for all types of gym users.


We aim to make use of all the space available so the design you see below is not fully finished but a rough concept. The gym will be located in Swinton Square in the heart of Swinton. Within two minutes you will have access to all the shops situated at the Square and have free parking!


TYR Physio and Sports Massage will also be moving with us to the new location and the addition of a tanning room facility will also be added!


Keep up to date with further updates. This is not 100% signed and sealed yet but it is looking likely and we will have an open date ready for the launch!


Time to get excited so tell your friends!!


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