Who are we?


Hello, and welcome to TYR Fitness and Nutrition. We are an independent health and fitness group who are here to help everyone from a seasoned gym athlete to a complete novice. We want to bring you the best possible advantages to not only aid your training but also your health. Here we will be working with as many health and fitness professionals as we can to bring all our clients the best possible service.


So what does ‘TYR’ stand for? TYR stands for ‘train yourself right’, the meaning behind the name is to do exactly what it says and that is help you train in the best possible manner to get the best results of your training and nutrition. So how do we do this? We do this by creating the largest and best fitness website around.


So what can we offer?


We are offering an in depth yet simple outlook on health, training and nutrition. We will have the most exercises stored and explained for you to cherry pick from to benefit your workout routines. We will have the largest selection of workouts readymade and updated week in week out, in all areas of fitness for you to choose from to keep your training interesting and giving you the results you want. We will have so many delicious healthy recipes and great nutritional ideas and advice to help aid you feed them muscles after a tough work out. We are also offering you access to a wide range of personal trainers, bloggers, ambassadors and athletes. We are offering this and so much more!


The health and fitness world can be incredibly complicated. We are here to make it all easy for you. Here at TYR we want to give you a service where everything is simply explained, where we teach you why you’re doing that exercise, why you’re eating that type of food, why you’re taking them supplements and so on. We understand the costs for a PT and we know it’s just not possible for most people to have a full time personal trainer.


So with TYRs online website we offer you a way to make the most out of that gym membership for minimal cost. We also offer a network to interact with people in the same position as yourself as well as fitness professionals. The health and fitness world is always evolving and so are we, we will be updating everything week in week out keeping us up to date with everything that happing.




We opened our first gym on July 9th 2018 and its fair to see its been a huge success. We are a small independent gym in Manchester with dreams to expand in 2020. We want to expand to a larger location in Manchester then look to other cities and towns to bring our brand to the masses. We really want to keep the community vibe that comes with a small gym and ensure that all the equipment isn’t commercial. The equipment will be hand picked high quality, with a mixture of old school and new school. Raw equipment including a variety of plate loaded machines, resistance machines, cables and free weights are key. We want top quality barbells and plates like we currently do now at every facility we open and a range of cardio machines, not just treadmills we want Ski Ergs, Stair Masters, Assault Bikes, Watt Bikes and so on.


We aim to be the best and provide the best so when it comes to the gym we want the best standard equipment or as close to the best as possible. We do not like commercial gyms as we feel your just another number into a system. Where as with us you are a valued member and one we want to see succeed in health and fitness.




We recently opened our new Massage and Physio room at TYR GYMS and we have hit the ground running! We have been able to get some great staff in and have started fantastically well. We aim to have a Physio and massage room in every facility we have and the staff will be available online to talk about treatments and all stuff related to both massage and physiotherapy.


Keep an eye out on the content our therapists bring because they are top quality and I’m 99% sure something may catch your interest!