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Hello, welcome to TYR Fitness. We are a no nonsense fitness and health brand who want to help you get the full benefit of training and nutrition. Our approach is to cut out the rubbish you see and hear from friends and social media and give you a real approach from proper coaches, trainers, ambassadors and athletes. These are real people just like you and I.

We give Personal Trainers, Bloggers, Athletes and coaches a platform to help coach you online and when given a plan a website that you can trust is correct. We have coaches from different backgrounds, different sports, different methods of coaching because this industry is not a one size fits all industry!

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Women’s Gym Set
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Well worth becoming a member. This site provides such in-depth detail in both training and nutrition! It also has some top quality gym clothing which helps you look good whilst you train!

Adam Stevens

Hack squat featuring GB Diver Georgia Davenport

Our amazing athlete Georgia Davenport joined our team last year and has since medaled in a senior international tournament! Here is a taste of what to expect on the site.. We have an exercise database being added too every day where all gym exercises will be explained with full explanation, photos and videos. This then allows you to perform all exercises correctly and safely!

Working out with the Team

Bikini competitor Savannah and superstar Rea getting a workout done! On our site we have plenty of Workouts ready for you to take away and try! These workouts are for all experiences and for all areas, such as muscle building, weight loss, strength training, sport specific and so on!

Education area!

Wanting to learn about the importance of a good training regime and a healthy diet? Well check out or Educational area and expand your knowledge in all things health, fitness and nutrition. Knowledge is power and is what will help you improve your game in the gym and more importantly in the kitchen!

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What we offer here at TYR Fitness is a community of gym users, coaches, athletes and so on, in one place. We offer and will continue to offer a vast network of talented people to help every single one of our users reach their goals and set new greater targets. We pride ourselves on making sure that our users get what they want. So if we are missing something just tell us!